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The AMRC hosts a series of seminars on subjects in statistical physics and fluid dynamics. As we have close links with physics and mathematics groups at Warwick, we also list relevant events there.


Title: Theory Seminar: David Jennings (Oxford), Thermodynamics, symmetry principles and quantum information, 1300 in PS1.28
Start date: October 12
Start time: 01:00 pm
End time: 02:00 pm
Organizer: Gareth Alexander
Location: PS1.28

The concept of irreversibility lies at the heart of physics and can often be a subtle thing to pin down. In recent years it has acquired new guises that are motivated by information-theoretic aims. For example in the case of quantum entanglement, intrinsically non-classical correlations may be utilised to achieve tasks such as quantum teleportation or quantum computing. However, the use of this entanglement results in its consumption, and a form of irreversibility that can be quantified and studied in a precise manner. Here I will describe recent work that arises from both the study of entanglement and also the development of symmetry principles beyond Noether's theorem. The approach allows us to extend thermodynamic concepts into arbitrarily non-classical regimes and leads to a range of new insights: it shows that quantum systems display a form of disorder at the nanoscale very different from that at macroscopic scales; it allows us to rigorously quantify the effects of quantum coherence in thermodynamic processes; it also provides a quantum information toolkit to extend gauge symmetries in many-body physics beyond Lagrangian formulations. The discussion will be an introduction to these concepts, and so no specialist knowledge of the area is assumed.

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