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09/09/2013 - Age: 7 yrs
By: Martin Weigel

Networking Transportation Networkers

Workshop scheduled in Coventry for Sept 25/26

The Applied Mathematics Research Centre (AMRC) at Coventry University, UK announces a Workshop "Networking Transportation Networkers". 

The Workshop is set up as an informal workshop in order to facilitate the exchange of experience and ideas on transport networks and related issues. On a broader scale it encompasses spatially embedded networks and the dynamics on, or of, these systems.

The Workshop is different from other meetings on transport related problems in that it attempts to consider transportation networks as a medium for collective (emergent) phenomena.

Experts on optimization, evolution and urbanization of transport networks, street pattern formation, dynamic modeling of transport operations, as well as resilience of transport networks against random failures and targeted attacks will present their research at the Workshop.

Visit the workshop page for more details.