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  • Yose,Joseph
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    Graduate students
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    PhD student
    Sociophysics, character networks
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    Design Hub DH2.4
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    +44-2477 659235
  • Personal Info

    My research interests include the construction and analysis of the structural properties of societies portrayed in ancient sources such as annals and epic narratives. The idea is to quantitatively compare these to each other and explore whether there exist cross-cultural or universal properties in narratives. This approach offers to hu?manities and academia a quantitative classification of texts and allows comparisons between ancient epics and their modern equivalents. 

    Part of my research includes a multidisciplinary project with the University’s centre for psychology and behavioural studies. The project involves analysing school children's friendship networks. This project focuses on how the network forms during the first of an educational life and dynamical aspects afterwards. We plan to see how such networks evolve over time through a longitudinal study for a three year period.