Maths & Physics Degrees

Coventry University offers a number of undergraduate and graduate degrees relating to the research performed at the AMRC.

Postgraduate Studies

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

For details of the research activities, see our publications page and the personal pages of staff members. In some cases, candidates might initially register for a Masters degree, transferring to the PhD programme at the end of the first year, subject to satisfactory progress. To attain the degree of PhD, candidates will have successfully completed original research.

International Doctoral Training Centre in Statistical Physics

The statistical physics of complex systems is a very broad field ranging from the study of quantum phenomena to the conformational behaviour of biomolecules, which can only be successfully tackled by employing a variety of different theoretical methods. Bringing together the expertise in analytical theory and in sophisticated computer simulation studies from Leipzig, Lorraine, Lviv and the AMRC, the Graduate College promises unique prospects in the education by research into this important field. This initiative is funded by the German-French University, DFH-UFA.

Master of Science by Research

This postgraduate degree course will provide you with the research skills required to carry out independent work. It includes introductory training in skills required for research as well as study of an appropriate subject area. The bulk of the course consists of project work.

The course gives a sound training for a career in research or design (and improves your chances of promotion if you are already working in the field). You can take the degree full-time over one or two years, or part-time over between 18 and 36 months.


While registered on these course you will be a member of the Applied Mathematics Research Centre. Supervision will be provided by staff associated with the Centre, all of whom have an established research record and supervisory experience.

A list of current opportunities is found here.

Undergraduate Studies

The Mathematical Sciences Department within the Faculty of Engineering and Computing offers a range of courses related to mathematics and applied mathematics. Those closely related to the work of the Centre include the following:

Mathematics BSc (Hons)

Mathematics and Statistics BSc (Hons)

Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics BSc (Hons)

For more information on undergraduate graduate studies, contact